<![CDATA[Purely Living Wellness - Blog]]>Tue, 17 Apr 2018 03:23:09 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[First Aid for People With Cancer]]>Tue, 17 Apr 2018 00:04:17 GMThttp://purelylivingwellness.com/blog/first-aid-for-people-with-cancerI was approached to provide a link to an article of above title…and in briefly reviewing it the article seems to be a good resource. I hope those with cancer find it helpful.  I will also save this entire blog post as an article for permanency on my site, so that it can be found under a tab by the same name.

What I am learning daily, with almost all of my clients who utilize my bio-resonance scanning services, is the emotional ties that prevent the body from healing.The First Aid for Cancer Patients article is insightful to make mention of this. We all have trapped cellular memories…some can even be passed down from previous generations.  The work of Dr. Bradley Nelson alludes to this in his Emotional Freedom Technique. Nick Ortner also teaches how to release trapped cell memories in his work. Both have books and You Tube videos you can easily find.

Currently, I am reading The Sacred Science by Nick Pollizi – and again, emotions play a role – we can truly hinder our healing if we are not true to our self. The book discusses the ancient work of the shamans and their work in healing the chronically ill with rainforest herbs, emotional release, and a very healthy “jungle food” diet, which is primarily comprised of quinoa, vegetables and fruit.

The First Aid article talks about DEHYDRATION. I have been taking a class with a doctor, bio-chemist, in the U.K. who is extremely skilled at maximizing the benefits of bio-resonance for his patients. I learned just this past week that we are not absorbing water with a molecular structure that is above the 7-11 range.  As an illustration – the molecular structure of tap water is 200-250. Distilled water has a molecular structure of 5 – which is why, if you are severely hydrated, distilled water may be your best bet.  The beauty of bio-resonance is that I can imprint a terminated quartz crystal with the frequencies for double-helix water, and the imprinted quartz when dropped into your filtered water (cannot be distilled) will change the molecular structure to be bio-absorbable by the body. If you are interested in this service please contact me.

Regarding mention of any medications in the article – I HIGHLY recommend you ask for full disclosure from your pharmacist – aka ALL pages with ALL the warnings that come with a medication, as they typically only give you page one.  Then I encourage you to read it thoroughly and highlight side effects, so when and if they happen, you have a comprehension as to what may be the root cause….i.e. the medication. I know we were totally caught of guard, not knowing that opioids prescribed for pain, have a common side effect of collapsed lung, which is what my husband has listed on his death certificate as cause of death.

In the Light of Love and Peace,
<![CDATA[Grace & Unity]]>Sun, 01 Apr 2018 16:43:29 GMThttp://purelylivingwellness.com/blog/grace-unityPicture
Easter blessings to all!

I am blessed to have spent part of this weekend of which Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ taking in movies like God's Not Dead - Light in the Darkness, and The Shack with a dear friend. Both movies carried the message of unity and forgiveness and LOVING ALL PEOPLE.

We are not called to judge one another. The Father knows each of His children and knows their hearts. If you disagree with the actions of others, we are called to LOVE them, and not to judge. It does not mean we need to agree with what they are doing. Diversity is a part of this world, and in our diversity we are called to be unified in humanity. Recently at Blackhawk Church, of which my family attends, Pastor Matt Metzger gave an excellent message and food for thought. The message is titled, "New Humanity Means New Unity" - and you are welcome to click on the link and listen from home.

Too often we judge ourselves, blame ourselves, and our hearts are heavy because we lack self-acceptance of our true self. For some time after my husband died I felt that I had failed in saving him. But, one day I realized what a haughty thought that was...it was not my place to save - only God the Creator, Jesus the Healer, can perform miracles, and although these miracles can happen through the Holy Spirit working through us mortals...our prayers are not answered just because we wish it so. The desire to live had to come from my husband, the power to heal had to come from Jesus. There was not failure, but indeed a victory through Christ Jesus!! My husband is rejoicing in heaven, he loved the Lord and they spoke before he was taken Home. Indeed, on this Easter morning I had a vision of souls that have already gone before... rejoicing and singing in their realm along with those of us singing in the earthly realm on this glorious morning...Jesse, Marv, June, Mark and many more... Praising Christ's victory of their own deaths, and celebrating with those of us in worship houses across the world - with voices lifted to the Most High!

Death comes in many forms...tragic accidents, illnesses, and perhaps one that leaves the most unanswered questions...suicide. Those who have lost loved ones to suicide wonder... Why? How did I miss the signs? What could I have done to help more? These are questions that we cannot answer, and perhaps never will be, even upon our own death. Once a person has crossed over there is so much joy that we cannot even fathom it. I don't even know that they remember what caused them to enter the realm - afterall, "all our tears will be wiped away".  But I firmly believe that our loved ones, no matter how they die, do not lay blame upon those left behind. They love us, they want us to thrive and enjoy our lives on earth and patiently wait in a place where there is no time, for our souls to reunite so that all who believe are one with the Father Creator.

My Easter wish for each of you is to learn who you are as the Creator knows you...and to begin walking in your own truth vs. that of what others expect of you. Release the demons inside of you that continue to lay blame and judge....for these thoughts are not of God. 
Colossians 1:22 reads, "
...He has now reconciled in his body of flesh by his death, in order to present you holy and blameless in His sight..."
God is of love.

He has Risen that we may fully experience GRACE.

In peace, light and love,

<![CDATA[15th Anniversary of "Gotcha Day"]]>Sat, 24 Mar 2018 18:07:54 GMThttp://purelylivingwellness.com/blog/15th-anniversary-of-gotcha-dayFifteen years ago today I received the most precious birthday gift I have ever received....the gift of our daughter Abigail, whom God had destined for our family long before she was conceived. Picture
On the anniversary of her third Gotcha Day celebration I created a layout for her scrapbook, shared below, which contained hidden journaling for her.  Adopted children are no less loved than our biological children, and in fact, we do have a choice to say "no" when the agency sends you photos and information on the child available for adoption. I could not fathom saying no...and indeed she has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.

Twelve years ago I write this letter to  her:
Dear Abigail,
There are many ways to grow a family. Your brother grew inside me for nine months, and I gave birth to him, but you grew in my heart - long before you were born. As we waited fifteen months for the adoption process to become final, my heart ached, longing to hold you. We rejoiced at the very first glimpse of you, in a photo from the agency. I knew right then that God had chosen the most beautiful baby girl in the world for our family.
As pretty as you are in a photo, nothing compares to that very first moment we saw you in real life, as your daddy stooped down to take you into his arms. That image will forever be etched in my memory, and from that moment on, our lives have been blessed with smiles, laughter and hugs from you - one of the happiest children I know.
Your birth-mother loved you so much that she unselfishly gave up the desire to hold you, so that you could have a better future. I will always be grateful to her, and pray she has peace in her heart, trusting that God found you the Christian family she desired for you. Your foster family took wonderful care of you for the first five months of your life. The photos your foster mother sent of you in Korea are a priceless treasure - know that you were loved.
Soon we will be celebrating the third anniversary of "Gotcha Day". I am thankful to God for answering our prayers beyond comprehension. Through your desire to give love and receive love, I am keenly aware of His presence here on earth in the relationship that takes place between mother and daughter. Home is where the heart is, and my heart is filled with joy since you made the journey home.

<![CDATA[Harmony]]>Wed, 07 Mar 2018 23:54:46 GMThttp://purelylivingwellness.com/blog/harmonyThere is something about getting up and out before the rest of the world stirs, to experience the morning sunrise filtering through fog, that allows on to contemplate the mysteries of life...the goodness of creation, and experience a bit of that harmony from within.
<![CDATA[Reflections on the Snow]]>Fri, 16 Feb 2018 18:16:51 GMThttp://purelylivingwellness.com/blog/reflections-on-the-snowPicture
Sunshine beckons me out into the conservancy -
    It’s brilliant light reflects upon the snow.
Soon the sounds of rushing water meet my ears,
    and a small fall of water is spotted following a trodden path     through the snow.
I stopped to simply listen, and capture it’s transendence on       my man-made device.
Onward, I slide across the ice covered trail,
    remembering younger days.

I tune into songbirds – unable to identify their kind;
    But the red-bellies, nuthatches and downy woodpeckers         are abundant in the woods, their calls distinct.
(I  know this, because I have stopped to listen, many times.)
Another wall of rocks breaks up the water flow,
    creating yet another symphony of splashes into
    the calm flowage below.

I stopped to absorb its beauty and energy,
    the contrast of dark brown rocks

   Covered in brilliant white of snow –
   like the patterns of a pinto horse.

I am grateful that Creator God has made this for my pleasure.
The elusive pileated is heard in the distance, with its haunting jungle-like call.
    I wish for it to fly across my path…it goes unanswered. Another time…
As I stop to listen yet again to the third rushing of water over rocks
    I remember when my son was young, and we would use the rocks to cross the water…
   Long before man built the bridges into existence. Seems so long ago… sweet memories.
Moving along, the creek stills and sunshine reflects upon the snow .
As  I reflect upon time passed, and look forward to sharing the awareness of nature again,
A drumming breaks through the peace of the moment.
Looking upward I spot a broken-off tree trunk, and a harboring hollow.
I wait, to see what would emerge – always hoping it will be the large, impressive pileated woodpecker.
Alas, it is the adorable little downy…it’s funny how a being so small can make a noise so large.
Amused, the sound of traffic breaks through, as I see the path coming to break with highway.
I turn around, with numb arms and legs due to unpreparedness, fooled by that morning sunshine.
It’s a peaceful walk. I smile sliding across the ice again.  The rushing water invigorates as does the cold breeze upon my face.
A needed break from the usual onslaught of work for the day ahead.
Glad that I took time to stop, listen, and reflect with the brilliance of the snow.
Rita S. 2-16-18, Reflections while at Pheasant Branch Conservancy, Middleton, WI
Before it melts, it is my wish that all would take time to become grounded in the created world.

The art below is a capture of the same conservancy, captured 15 yrs ago before bridges were built to take us over the water to the other side of the creek. Isn't it interesting how progress can keep us from getting up close and personal with nature?


<![CDATA[Awareness Inspired]]>Sun, 11 Feb 2018 14:28:14 GMThttp://purelylivingwellness.com/blog/awareness-inspiredIt has been a long, long time since God nudged me awake at night with words of poetry floating through my head. Oh, how I have missed that!
This past week I listened to a book titled, "Awareness", by Anthony DeMello - which I have shaed under the tab "Mind & Spirit" if you wish to check it out.  Many of you, my friends, know that I have been dating again. I meet wonderful people in doing so, and I feel each crosses my path for a reason - and I always learn from each. Hopefully, they learn from myself as well.
Last week I met someone who introduced me to the writings of Anthony DeMello. Not only was the book profound and provoked deep thought, it reaffirmed and offered revelation. As he had promised - a paradigm shift. For anyone who is living in this world with a void of joy - I really encourge you to read the book, or listen to the free audio.  If you are dating - I highly recommend it. It is so important to realize that happiness does not come from being with others, it comes from within. The Spirit indwelling is communion with our God.

May you become awake and aware,
Rita S.
<![CDATA[A Testimony - Why I Do What I Do]]>Wed, 24 Jan 2018 03:10:01 GMThttp://purelylivingwellness.com/blog/a-testimony-why-i-do-what-i-doPicture
Dear Friends and Family
I just received a testimony from one of my clients in the western states. I am compelled to share it with you as so many do not understand the power of energy medicine...but a message one client received for me when I first began doing bio-resonance scanning, "We were each spoken into existence...now that is the highest frequency of all."

I have been doing bio-resonance scanning for this man's family, beginning with his son, starting last fall. The father, who writes me below has worked with me four months, staying on schedule with his scans. He was also very compliant with my recommendations as outlined by the Qest4 system.

I know many of you don't understand what it is I now do as a bio-resonance technician. Because it is "alternative" people are either made nervous by it, or discount it as "wacko medicine".  But I can tell you with 100% confidence I love making a difference in my client's lives. I am so grateful that God has put me on this path and I know without doubt that Jesse's legacy of helping others lives on in this work that I now do, as it was discovered because of his cancer journey. Perhaps too late for him, but for a time such as this for those who find me and seek my help.

Here is the testimony that was sent, it made my day:

Dear Rita,
This last scan was a big one for me!  I’m happy to report that my skin issues have resolved!!!  And as an added bonus, I’ve been able to reintroduce some of my old favorites like olive oil and avocado (which means I can eat my wife’s guacamole again).  I’ve also been able to take the recommended supplements and some other fruits/fruit extracts without any adverse reactions.  I can’t begin to relate how happy that makes me!  In fact, I’ve been so impressed with everything you’ve done for me and our son over these past few months that my wife and I just purchased a QEST4!  I’m doing the training now and hope to start doing my own scans this week!  I am really looking forward to being able to share this amazing wellness tool with friends, family, and those in my community.  I sincerely hope that I can do for others what you were able to do for me.  I feel like it’s important for you to know that your efforts have changed my life for the better.  I am happier and have a better outlook now because of you.  I am forever grateful for everything.

For this particular client, emotions were truly holding him back from getting well. The Qest4 pinpointed the sources of his "emotional baggage", which is harbored in our cells if we don't let it go. The information the system provided him allowed him to reflect on events that took place in his childhood forward...  He found a book by Gabby Bernstein titled "Judgement Detox" that helped him journal feelings he had suppressed for decades.

If you already know you are dealing with emotional issues that are holding you back from getting well, I am going to suggest, from my client's report alone that you consider purchasing the Bernstein book.  

If your health is not where you want it to be and you don't know whom or what in your past is holding you back - consider bio-resonance to help you pinpoint your root cause issues and emotions preventing you from living a life of joy and vitality.

Blessings to you all!!!  And by the way....not sure I could thrive without my guac!!!
​RIta S.

<![CDATA[Bring the Tropics to Dinner]]>Mon, 22 Jan 2018 02:27:22 GMThttp://purelylivingwellness.com/blog/bring-the-tropics-to-dinnerPicture
This was dinner tonight...Carribean Quinoa.​ If you are living in cold winter temperatures “visit the tropics” with this dish. The recipe is by Tri-Chef to Go – Tom Grabot, a personal chef who provides healthy meals to his clients. Previously I was the sole cilantro lover in this house. Now my daughter loves it as well!!

She LOVES coconut and pineapple, and prefers vegetarian food. This recipe seemed right up her alley. I made a few changes, using green onions as it is one of her favorite vegis to munch on. I also added in two tablespoons of coconut milk (single ingredient canned milk – Thai or other brand) to the dish, just prior to serving to add in texture and additional coconut flavor.

For a fun presentation, I added a garnish - a plank of pineapple flesh rolled and a piece of cilantro tucked inside. I also cubed fresh avocado and added bits of toasted coconut, and served it on a bed of fresh organic greens.

My teen gave this dish two thumbs up. If you are stuck in the cold in January give this very easy to make dish a try...and experience tropical flavors that are sure to delight!

Bon apetit!

(Below is the Carribean Quinoa dish - unplated.)

<![CDATA[Are Paleo and Ketogenic Diets Fad?]]>Sun, 07 Jan 2018 20:24:40 GMThttp://purelylivingwellness.com/blog/are-paleo-and-ketogenic-diets-fadPicture
Today Robyn Openshaw shares her opinion on Paleo and Ketogenic diets. Also known as the Green Smoothie Girl, she shares my opinion that these fad diets do not offer sustainable long term health, for the same reasons I have been doing my best to educate those who are open minded about holistic wellness.

Four years ago I shared my thoughts about Paleo on my blog and apparently Robyn has also voiced her same thoughts in the past. Now she explains why ketogenic diets  may be harmful. I encourage you to share her blog post with anyone who is on the Paleo or Ketosis bandwagon. I fully acknowledge that as an author, your friends may be more apt to heed her words than my own…since I speak from life experience and seven years of self-learning in cancer diets and preventative lifestyles.

I believe in living a primarily ANTI-INFLAMMATORY lifestyle - being mindful of which foods contribute inflammation to my body and for the most part, avoiding them. I learned much of this from trial and error, and paying attention to what my body was telling me. Fortunately, with the discovery of bio-resonance and the food sensitivity and inflammation panel testing I can offer to my clients, we can remove some of that guesswork.

As a certified bio-resonance technician I have created a program for my system that allows me to scan an individual for the well known diets touted in the wellness industry - Gerson, Budwig, Ketogenic, Bali, Anti-Inflammatory, and more...which helps direct a person to a protocol that should prove beneficial and eliminate some of the guesswork. 

Please contact me if you want to learn more about my L.I.F.E. (Living Intentionally From Experience), or Qest4 Bio-Resonance services.

Cheers to a HEALTHY and HAPPY 2018!
Rita S.

<![CDATA[Purely Living Receives Recognition]]>Mon, 11 Dec 2017 21:40:40 GMThttp://purelylivingwellness.com/blog/purely-living-receives-recognitionPicture
We are proud to have received a number of emails this week where this website is getting noticed for the educational content it provides to our readers.

I received an email from Shree of Home Remedies for Life and am honored to be included on her list of Top 25 Health Bloggers.  Shree highlights my own journey back to health, but of course, personally I am most proud of all the research I have done well beyond 2010 and turning my own health around, as I focus on helping others in their cancer journey and most importantly, educating on cancer prevention! 
If you would like to see us listed and leave a comment feel free to visit the article here, and take  note  of all the amazing women dedicated to healthy living!

Fellow blogger Jesse Miller has offered insight as the benefits of one of my favorite root vegetables - BEETS!  It includes 15 health benefits of beets and 8 delicious recipes. Jesse found my roasted beets recipe, here, and as well - I have a variety of smoothie recipes that use beets.

Jenny contacted me from Best Mattress Reviews after seeing the effort I put into educating and providing healthful information for cancer patients. The research her company provides goes hand in hand with some of my work. Her team has been researching how people sleep, and have collected some great information for cancer patients and caretakers. You can read their full guide on the bestmattressreviews site.

Here are a few of their findings:
Sleep disorders vary among different patient populations: The rates of sleep disorders reported by cancer patients vary based on the type of cancer they are being treated for and the type of treatment they are receiving. Some patient populations experience a 75% chance of sleep disturbances, while others experience rates as low as 25%.
Sleep problems can continue after treatment ends: Approximately 25% of cancer survivors continue to report sleep disturbances or daytime fatigue. This is due in part to the long-term effects of some treatments on the body; it can also be a lingering effect of experiencing the trauma of a life-threatening illness. Fortunately, both physical and mental causes of sleep disturbances are treatable, and patients have many options available for returning to a healthy sleep cycle.

Of course I am an advocate of encouraging people to consider sleep as vital in their health recovery program. Chemical foam mattresses are some of the worst cess pools of toxins one can lie down in, or place your head upon. If you have electric mattress pads...they serve as conductors for all the EMFs you have going on in your home (wi fi, cell phones, Smart Meters, etc.) - it is like sleeping on one large antenna!  I love my organic latex mattress from Satara Mattress in Middleton, WI and also choose to sleep on a BioMat at lowest temp setting during cold WIsconsin nights. I also have a SafeConnect protective shield on my cell phone, as on the rare occasion where I do need an alarm to get up unusually early, I am at least not swimming in harmful energies from my phone.

Again, I am honored to be recognized in the Top 25 Health Bloggers by Home Remedies for Life. Be sure to explore their site - they have much great information to offer.

Be well and reduce your stress this holiday season!
Rita S.